Passionate about accessible connectivity

Why Shycom

We are challengers in the telecommunications market – our purpose is to make high quality connectivity simple, affordable and accessible.

Flexible, affordable solutions

For businesses, our vision is to provide connectivity products that are flexible and responsive to your business needs. We want to help you grow your business profitably, by averting wasteful spend on poorly suited connectivity solutions.

Passionate about quality

We provide business solutions across telephone, Internet, call centre and conferencing products so you can experience the benefits of high quality connectivity, whilst benefitting from measurable costs saving.


Shycom is 100% Black owned Tier 1 telecommunications provider and a Level 3 BEE contributor. Shycom is the Enterprise Development and BEE partner of BitCo

Our focus is niche

Unlike our competitors, we service a niche client base. We are agile, respond quicker and our dedicated support ensures reliability of service and increased uptime.

Points of presence

Established points of presence in Johannesburg, Durban, Nelspruit, Cape Town and Bloemfontein offering a national footprint via BitCo’s network. This means that should one local service go down we will seamlessly connect to the next point of presence ensuring operational up-time.