Passionate about accessible connectivity

About Us

Our world is dominated by digital technology. The gateway to this world is determined by the speed and quality of an Internet connection. Shycom is passionate about making high quality connectivity simple, affordable and accessible to businesses and home users. Our aim is to educate the market and simplify connectivity. Shycom (PTY) LTD is an enterprise development and BEE partner of BitCo and we are an empowered Tier 1 National Telecoms provider and ISP. Companies who utilise Shycom’s service can claim Enterprise Development points and attain an ED saving.

We subscribe to BitCo’s Code of Conduct and Service Charter as prescribed by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA).

Passionate about accessible connectivity

From highly competitive pricing to relevant packages we are geared towards getting you connected, quickly. Our products are flexible and responsive to your business needs. As a Telco and ISP we are agile, we respond quicker and our support ensures a 99% uptime. Our vision is to grow Shycom into an entity whose knowledge and expertise exceeds the expectations of both consumers and the industry. Shycom makes the ideal of ‘connectivity simplified’ a reality.


BitCo and Shycom are closely aligned in our beliefs about communication accessibility; our entrepreneurship based operating cultures and our value-driven visions for the future. Shycom is the Enterprise Development and BEE partner of BitCo. This partnership offers simple, affordable connectivity solutions that plugs into your business, making voice and data communication work for you. BitCo is a licensed telecommunications operator providing innovative communications solutions to clients in a wide range of industries. Established in 2006, BitCo is a tier 1 telecoms operator.

Why Shycom

Our voice and data services are defined by quality and cost-efficiency, with a guaranteed 99% uptime.

Our philosophy

  • Creating an environment that stimulates extraordinary performance
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Passionate, energetic and tenacious
  • Opportunistic in nature

Flexible, affordable solutions 

Our connectivity solutions are scalable to your business growth.

Passionate about quality

We service a niche client base and are passionate about quality. We are agile, respond quicker and our dedicated support ensures reliability of service and increased uptime. Our Wireless links and Voice termination have a 99.5% uptime service level agreement.


Shycom is a 100% black owned Tier 1 telecommunications provider with a Level 3 BEE certification.

Points of presence

Offering a national footprint via Bitco’s network, we have established points of presence in Johannesburg, Durban, Nelspruit, Cape Town, Rustenburg, North West and Bloemfontein.